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Canali Tycho

DP2-Tycho Guiding Channels

“Twist and Go!” – Adjustable Bar Guiding Channels

DP2-Tycho patented channels are composed by pairs of shells. The particular shape of these shells allows by means of a simple rotation to adjust the channel diameter to any bar size, always granting a perfect control of the bar. The channels can be easily mounted on existing bar stock drums, thus eliminating the need of sea-waves springs replacement when changing the work.


Two lines for every need

Drehmag proposes DP2-Tycho in two sizes:

DP2-Tycho T16 for bars Ø3-Ø16 - DP2-Tycho T32 for bars Ø5-Ø32

pdfDownload DP2-Tycho Leaflet

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