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Caricatore da fascio DP6-Atlas

DP6-Atlas Bundle Loaders

Power and safety

Precision and reliability

Maximum flexibility

... and much more.


Towards the loader

Pneumatically controlled levers ensure that the selected bar is deposited smoothly and without noise from the bundle on the loading rack of the loader.

Field trials

Drehmag bundle loaders have been tested on lots of bars having different sections.
Drehmag can now offer a strong, easy and high reliable solution to grant every customer a working process with long autonomy and reliability.

The video shows the selection of key 21 mm brass hexagonal bars (3 m long).

A model for every need

Drehmag can provide the right bundle loader for each model of loader. Drehmag Technical Office will be happy to provide detailed information on the available dimensions, which vary depending on the maximum bar you want to work, the loading modes and the loader bar rack height.


Each DP6-Atlas Beam Loader is also available in the Cart version that allows to load the bundle from a cart on the floor. This version is suitable for workshops that are not equipped with crane for loading from the top.

Interno Atlas
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